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Volunteers run first Youth Encounter in Berlin

Earlier this year The Feast’s founder and Chair of Trustees, Canon Dr Andrew Smith, was invited by a number of church leaders in Berlin, Germany, to come and share about our work and how it could help them improve their interaction with people of other faiths.

We are now very pleased to be able to share that recently a group of volunteers ran their first pilot Youth Encounter event for Christian and Muslim young people in a forest just outside Berlin!!  They had a good mix of 13 or 14 young people, after persistent phone calls on the morning of the activity to make sure everyone came.

Leader Ben Froese shared afterwards,

“Some of the youth have commented already to me how it was so good to be able to talk about faith in a relaxed atmosphere, where you could really talk, where there was mutual listening and respect. There was no pressure, no negative discussion, and some good discussion in the small groups. “

The Saturday afternoon went well… until a storm hit.  They had torrential rainfall, thunder and lightening, all arriving just as they were finishing the last of their small group discussions.  The young people and youth leaders all went running off to the cars for shelter, leaving Ben and another leader Andrea soaking wet looking after the gear they had brought.

The downpour bought a premature end to their first encounter event, and meant they did not get to do the amazing looking high ropes course at the venue.

Ben told us,

“During the heavy rain, I reflected how this is God’s heart to bless us and every participant.   All in all, we are thankful. It didn’t run completely smoothly, but its a pilot event. We will learn what we can and start moving forward and looking for the next event. “

From all of us involved with The Feast around the UK, well done to all involved and wishing you all the best as you debrief and plan for future healthy and inspiring Youth Encounters for young people in Germany.  Well done!

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